• ASP .Net has introduced to make dynamic web applications and web pages. ASP is a very important component of Dot Net framework. Asp .Net is such a precious tool for web developer and software programmers. It’s basically used for developing rich websites, web-based application and the development of dynamic web page.
  • At the beginning stage, the web page contents on the internet were static. So the content should require being modified, manually as well as frequently. It’s taken a long time and it’s really been an irritating process to keep the page as updated one. After the web technology enhancement that changes the web page content dynamically and updated automatically with less effort.
  • Here are some benefits of ASP.NET Framework provides for Web Development. ASP .NET framework reduces a large number of lines of code that needed to build large web applications. To build and run.Net based web application, the .net framework gives the essential run-time and compile-time platform.
  • You can re-use the code in .Net platform and many other programming languages that can interact with each other. The Common Language Specification data types in all .Net applications are similar, so no Type conversion is necessary when calling.Net methods, C++, C# from Visual Basic, or Vice Versa.
  • Memory leaks are extensively condensed as the .Net CLR gives a managed environment where memory is maintained by the Garbage Collector. The Common Language Runtime also manages Deployment, Security and execution. In .Net the Base Class Library gives a number of predefined classes that can be used.

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