• C# is one of the most acceptable, organized and popular programming language in the world of programming. C# has been recognized as one of the most influential and powerful programming language. C# is one of the compatible languages. It completes the tasks easily and has a smooth running. In this article, I would take a look at the advantages of C# over other languages:
  • C# is pure object-oriented language, this allows you to create modular maintainable applications and reusable codes. This is one of the biggest advantages of C# over C++. C# has got a very efficient system to erase and remove all the garbage present on the system. C# doesn’t create a mess in the system and the system do not get hanged during execution. C# has a major advantage of a strong memory backup. There would be no problem of the memory leak and other such type of problems in the C# as it happens in the case of C++ language. In this case C# has a very clear edge on all other languages.
  • The rich class libraries make many functions easy to be implemented. C# has influence on most of the programmers of the world and it has a history in the programming world. Your application will run well only if the machine has installed the NET framework. This is the most important requirement for the C#. also this could be an important opportunity for the young programmers to get them trained with .NET framework.
  • Applications written in .NET will have better integration and interperatability with other NET Technologies. Actually C# runs on CLR, making it easy to integrate with components written in other languages (specifically, CLR-compatible languages) Formalized concept of get-set methods, so the codes become more legible. Also in C#, you don’t need to worry about header files. Coding would be a worth to do in C#.
  • When you are in Microsoft stack, you have a tool for everything. So, basically you match your needs to the tool, and you use it. That’s why I recommend C# is very supportive kind of language specially for the beginners. You can buy support from the Microsoft in C# (.NET framework) unlike Java where community is your support. So if things get wrong then you can solve your issues with the support of Microsoft.

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